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London SDA Male Voice Choir’s main object is to inspire worship and praise to God. Although we have a very busy schedule, we try to accommodate all people who seek to know more about God and true worship. Our address is Holloway SDA Church, 381 Holloway Road, London N7 ORN. We are found at practice at 6:30 p.m. every Sabbath. All men of our Faith who desire to join us may apply for an audition. Applications can be made through Dr. Keith Davidson (Choir Director) KthDavidson@aol.com

The Choir’s Executive Committee meets the first Sabbath of each month. There the Choir’s business is discussed. Discussions include acceptance, deferment or rejection of applications made for our services. The Executive Committee has a representative from each SDA Church which forms the Choirs membership.


Pastor Arthur Campbell

Vice Chairpersons:

Roy Smith

Joe Kelly


Mrs. W.Hines


Leland Straker

Asst. Treasurers

J. Kirwan

Orell Barclay

Treasury Overseer:

Deryck Sterne

Production & Sales:

Kenneth Henry

Clinton Delisser

Choir Directors:

Lambert John

Keith Davidson

Calford Gibson

Owen Skerritt